Welcome to the Photo On The Go Ken Lee Photography Blog!

Majestic Redwoods

Photo on the go: Hiking in Northern California, immensely enjoyable when you can take great photos with camera equipment that is light and small enough to fit in a hip pack.

Welcome, welcome to my shiny new Photo On The Go Blog!  We’ll cover all sorts of photography here, but with an emphasis on photography on the go and long exposure photography.  This is for the spontaneous and want to keep the load light, those who wish to take better photos without requiring a pack mule to haul expensive equipment, and those who want more photography and less fiddling.  And it’s for people who have a fond interest in long exposure photography, such as coastal photography or star trails.

This photography blog will offer a Tip Of The Month article, techniques, cool Photoshop tips and tricks, creative and cheap alternatives to expensive studio gear, and other tips you’ll enjoy.

Between these monthly articles, I’ll be posting Featured Photos with the stories behind them, and what techniques and equipment were used, both during and after the shoot.  And occasionally, I’ll post links on creative uses of gear, great values, and anything else of interest.  I’ll try for about once a week for these.

So kick off your shoes, grab a drink, and stay a while!


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