Featured Photo – Oblivious in Bolivia: Abandoned Bus

Contact Guinness Book of World Records. This must be the shortest vacation to Bolivia on record.

I as in San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile.  I wanted to go see Salar de Uyuni, across the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, not far away.  But no.

As near as I can tell with my less-than-fluent Spanish skills, I was turned back after 30 minutes at the Bolivian border because:
– it was snowing and they were concerned I would not be able to return to San Pedro four days later
– my visa was different because I was a citizen of the United States
– the tour operator at Estrella Del Sur did not know that “USA” stood for “EE UU” and apparently special considerations were necessary for Bolivian immigration

Consequently, this is the only photo of Bolivia in this entire collection.

Bolivia Bus

Well, no.  I actually have another one. As I was lining up this photo, a young tourist inexplicably wandered right past me, walking right into frame, and pissed right next to this abandoned bus. I did what any other self-respecting photographer would do with camera in hand; I took the photo. However, I ended up using this photo because shortly after his pee break, the sun came out, making this a considerably more vibrant photo.


This was featured in the print version of the LA Times Travel Section Editor’s Choice photo on 28 August 2011!

Nikon D90 with my trusty 18-200mm lens.


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