Joshua Tree Star Trails (Ken Lee, night photographer)

Joshua Tree Star Trails (Ken Lee, night photographer, 35 minute exposure

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  1. Holy Cow! I photographed the same trees last spring, back in early May 2011. The smaller tree just to the right of the main tree has lost some of its fronds since then, but the image is unmistakable! I shall have to send you a copy of my photo for you to compare. Amazing that we chose the same location within that big park. Please contact me so I can send you a copy.

    1. Eric, thanks so much for sharing the photo you took! Fantastic that we chose the same area!!! It is absolutely unmistakable indeed that they are the same trees, and so cool that they are both long exposure shots!!! I suppose it’s just a good spot for facing north.

      These are the photos that I took that day, which I have on my website:

      You’ll undoubtedly recognize the shots because they’re all taken in the same area. I took them for the Perseid meteor shower, although I didn’t really capture very much of the meteor show…the meteors always seemed to occur everywhere but where my camera was aimed!!!!

      Anyway, thanks again for sharing that!!!!

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