Featured Photo: Valentine’s Day – Creative, Romantic Wedding Photos!!!

For Valentine’s Day, I’m going to write about wedding photography.  But this isn’t a how-to on wedding photography, oh no.  That would take a book.  Or three.  And besides, this is the Featured Photo section, not the Photo Tip Of the Month.  No, today, I’m going to simply suggest that you, whether you are a wedding photographer with a staff or a friend attending a wedding with a point-and-shoot, think about capturing creative, one-of-a-kind moments.  And some of these moments can be lighthearted or funny, not just the more obviously romantic shots, although those are great too.

Let’s start with very INformal wedding portraits, just because we can:

Informal Wedding Portraits

Very Informal Wedding Portraits:  here, I’ve got the bridesmaids posing silly and the guys holding beautiful bouquets.  

Above:  Is there a better way to get people loose than by gettin’ silly?  I thought not. People can be stressed out at weddings.  It’s a big day.  But bringing a sense of fun to the portraits can get them to relax, enjoy the day more, loosen them up for the more serious formal shots, and get some really silly photos in the process.  And who doesn’t want that?

Minnie Mouse Bride

Minnie Mouse Bride.  ‘Nuff said.  😀

Above:  Do I really need to tell you how many kinds of awesome this is?

Bride with Unbridled Joy

Bride with Unbridled Joy.  Part of capturing a wedding, whether you’re a professional wedding photographer or their drunken friend with an iPhone, is capturing spontaneous moments like this of the bride dancing.  Look at that expression.  You can’t fake that.  This is a photo that the bride and her family will have forever, and how cool is it that you can capture someone simply having the time of her life?

Above:  Spontaneity.  It happens everywhere.  Be ready.  This is what’s great about iPhones and compact cameras.  It ain’t a photo unless you take it, is it?  Now, the above wasn’t taken with an iPhone.  But I was ready nonetheless, and that’s what matters.  Have fun, get to know people, and keep your hand on that camera.  Look at the expression on the bride’s face.  A bride with pure, unbridled joy (should I even apologize for that pun?).  No posed photo can get across the pure joy she is feeling.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.  I discussed wedding photography today, but it doesn’t have to be that sort of love.  And sure, it may be a day created by a corporate greeting card company.  You may not have a significant other right now.  It’s alright.  Focus on love anyway.  Focus on your dog, your cat, your goldfish, your friend, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your family, your parakeet, your friend who lives far away, your Facebook friends, whatever.

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance:  Capturing those moments.  Like a previous blog mentions, sometimes, images can be more striking in black and white, accentuating the sweetness of their expressions during their wedding dance.

Equipment:  Nikon D90, 18-200mm VR Nikkor lens, SB-600 speedlight flash, Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce.


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