Featured Photo: Photograph Your Yard in 10 Minutes

As travelers, explorers, admirers of beauty, or photographers, we often take our town, our neighborhood, and our back yard for granted.  Look around your back yard and try and view it from the perspective of someone else.  Is there something beautiful somewhere?  Something interesting?  Something that’s fascinating looking, even if it’s rusting away?

Try this for a fun exercise:  take as many cool photos as you can in your yard in ten minutes.  See what you can come up with.  Below is what one of the photos I shot:

Fuzzy Cacti

Fuzzy cacti, one of the photos I took in a fun exercise in which I tried to take as many cool shots as possible in my back yard in a span of just ten minutes.  Try it and see what you come up with – it’s a good way to rediscover your yard and a good photographic exercise.

Equipment:  Leica D-Lux 4 using the pinhole setting


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