Easter Meteor Star Trails Over Vasquez Rocks

startrails-kenlee_vasquezrockseaster-2014-_DSC0103kenlee_vasquezrocks2014-31min-30sf32iso1600-1128pm-2014-04-20Please click on the photo to view it larger and more clearly!  Thanks!

I bought a new camera and lens. I wanted to test it out, so I drove up to Vasquez Rocks, about 35 minutes from my house, and experimented with higher ISOs than I usually use. I got lucky and photographed a Lyrid meteor.

Title: Easter Meteor Star Trails Over Vasquez Rocks
Info: Nikon D610, Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 lens, my Dad’s heavy 1970s Sears aluminum tripod. Exposure time 31 minutes in total. I stacked 62 individual photos (30 second exposure f/2.8, ISO 1600). Light painting with an Energizer headlamp and Streamlight LED flashlight. 19 April 2014 11:28 pm.
Photographer: Ken Lee Photography
Location: Vasquez Rocks, California, USA

iEstelas de estrellas de pascua, que muestran el movimiento de las estrellas…con un meteoro Líridas!

He comprado una nueva cámara y la lente. Yo quería probarlo, así que me condujo hasta Vasquez Rocks, a unos 35 minutos de mi casa, y experimenté con un ISO más alto de lo que normalmente utilizo. Tuve suerte y fotografié un meteoro Líridas.

Título: Pascua estela de estrellas con Meteor – Vasquez Rocks
Info: Nikon D610, Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8, pesado 1970 Sears trípode de aluminio de mi papá. Tiempo de exposición 31 minutos en total. Apilé 62 fotos individuales (30 segundos f/2.8 exposición, ISO 1600) en StarStax. Pintura de luz con una luz Energizer y Streamlight linterna LED. 19 de abril 2014 23:28.
Fotógrafo: Ken Lee Photography
Ubicación: Vasquez Rocks, California, EE.UU.

Equipment:  Nikon D610, Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8, Feisol tripod.

You can see more of these photos here  on my Ken Lee Photography Facebook Page (poke your head in, say hi, and “like” the page if you would, uh, like), on 500px, or my Ken Lee Google+ Page. We discuss long exposure, night sky, star trails, and coastal long exposure photography, as well as lots of other things, so I hope you can join us!

And you can go to the Ken Lee Photography website, which has more photos from Ken Lee.  Thank you very much for visiting!



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