Photo: Home Sweet Home – Bedrock City Night Photo with Light Painting

6555kenlee-2015-06-30-0439_arizona-bedrockcity-flintstonehouseinterior-105sf8iso200-3850k-1000pxThe living room of Fred Flintstone’s house. All light was supplied by illumination with an LED flashlight.

“Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!” Bedrock City is a roadside attraction on the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Roadside attractions were built as “tourist traps” with gift shops and things to do for kids, a place where a family could rest after a long drive on the way to somewhere. Built in 1972, Bedrock City was modeled after “The Flintstones” cartoon from the 1960s. And Bedrock City still survives. For now. Owner Linda Speckels is selling it for $2 million to someone who will keep Bedrock City operating. Bedrock City has a Fredmobile train ride looping through Mt. St. Wilma (a volcano). The Bedrock Theater plays Flintstones cartoons with the audio broadcast over loudspeakers. There’s a campsite, diner, convenience store, and a large gift shop. And of course, there is Bedrock City, built to resemble the stone age town of Bedrock from the cartoon “The Flintstones”. Will it be here in a year? Who knows.

With a nod of gratitude to Troy Paiva, pioneer of this sort of light painting photography.

Title: Home Sweet Home (6555)
Photo: Ken Lee Photography
Info: Nikon D610, AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens at 14mm, 153 second exposure, f/8, ISO 200 3850K. 2015-06-30 04:39. Light painting with a Protomachines LED2. All illumination and color work was done during the exposure, and is not a Photoshop creation.
Location: Bedrock City, Arizona USA
“Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!” Bedrock City es una atracción en carretera en el camino hacia el Gran Cañón en Arizona. Atracciónes en carretera fueron construidos como “trampas para turistas”, con tiendas de regalos y cosas que hacer para los niños, un lugar donde una familia podría descansar después de un largo viaje en el camino a algún lugar. Construido en 1972, Bedrock City fue modelado después el dibujos animados “The Flintstones” (1960s). Y Bedrock City aún sobrevive. Por ahora. Propietario Linda Speckels está vendiendo Bedrock City por $2 millones a alguien que va a mantener a Bedrock City operativo. Bedrock City dispone de un viaje en tren Fredmobile recorriendo Mt. St.Wilma (un volcán). El Teatro Bedrock juega dibujos animados de Flintstones con la transmisión de audio por los altavoces. Hay un camping, restaurante, tienda de conveniencia, y una gran tienda de regalos. Y, por supuesto, hay Bedrock City, construido para parecerse a la edad de piedra de la ciudad de Bedrock de los dibujos animados “The Flintstones”.

Con un gesto de gratitud a Troy Paiva, pionero de este tipo de fotografía con pintura de luz.

Título: Home Sweet Home (6555)
Foto: Ken Lee Photography
Info: Nikon D610, AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lente a 14 mm, 153 segundos de exposición, f/8, ISO 200 3850K. 2015-06-30 04:39. Pintura de luz con un Protomachines LED2. Toda la iluminación y el color se trabajó durante la exposición, y no es una creación de Photoshop.
Ubicación: Bedrock City, Arizona, EE.UU.

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2 thoughts on “Photo: Home Sweet Home – Bedrock City Night Photo with Light Painting

  1. These reminds of home are so bittersweet… So many nights I’ve sat in that house, lit up with red light, with the most beautiful friends and strangers from our campground.
    I remeber the night before I was forced to leave (for advocating change that could continue BRC), sitting in Barney’s house in moon light while three Slovianian kids marveled at the ghost tour Devin had them on and wondering if I would ever see Bedrock again.
    It’s been a disappointing winter: in exile on a tropical island when all you want to do is be in the broken down theme park you were born in.
    One media outlet after another promising the moon and then leaving you longing, your only alternative the awkward cliche of social media fundraising (which you so graciously donated to, Ken), and the sands slipping through that awful hour glass to the seemingly inevitable sellout turning one of Americas greatest road side attractions into another hotel parking lot.
    I keep thinking I just need one little break to get our momentum going and that tomorrow I’ll start canvassing the venture capitalists…
    But tonight, thanks to your photo Ken, I’ll dream about Brontosaurs.

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