Photo: I Am Puffin, Hear Me Roar


I Am Puffin, Hear Me Roar (2016-06-14 23:34)
This is a puffin in the Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs in Iceland. And now, I will entertain you with some fun facts:
– Puffins only have their Technicolor bill part of the time, during mating season.
– They are nicknamed “sea parrots”, or sometimes “clowns of the sea”.
– Puffins are amazing swimmers, and can dive 60m underwater. So, like, that’d be almost 200 feet under the surface.
– The Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs are the westernmost part of Europe.
– Puffins can be found on menus of some restaurants around Reykjavik.
– I think this is the first time I ever seriously tried to photograph wild birds.
– I did not use any Photoshop Cartoon Function to make this fine bird look like Toucan Sam.
Nikon D610/Nikkor 28-300mm 1/640s f/5.6 ISO 1000. Special thanks to Tyler Heibeck for giving me a few tips on photographing birds, as I have never photographed wildlife birds before.

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