Photo: Aren’t You Glad You Have Dials (Abandoned Herring Factory, Iceland)


Aren’t You Glad You Have Dials (2016-06-17 14:04)

The interior of an abandoned herring factory in Djúpavík, Westfjords, Iceland. At the time it was built, 1935, this was the most enormous concrete building in iceland and one of the largest in Europe, and built in just one year. Herring oil was crucial for general health, and was taken as a supplement. But also, herring oil was used by the Germans to manufacture glycerin, the main ingredient in nitroglycerine, used in the creation of explosives, especially during WWII. I traveled here with a group of photographers, including Lance Keimig.

Nikon D610/Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 30s f/14 ISO 100. I “light painted” the interior, illuminating everything while the camera shutter was open, using a Protomachines LED2 flashlight for the various colored lighting. And yes, doing this brought a huge smile to my face. Also, I found it funny that a group of night photographers would travel together to Iceland, where the sun is out for around 21 hours a day.

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