Photo: Viking Ship of Frösåkers Brygga (light painting night photo)


Viking Ship of Frösåkers Brygga (2016-06-11 15:34)

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.
Hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new land.
To fight the hordes, and sing and cry.
Valhalla I am coming.

Mats and his wife Marie took me to see an amazing replica of a Viking wooden boat at this remarkable recreation of a Viking village in Vasteras, Sweden, near Stockholm. Although late, the sun still hung barely below the horizon. Nonetheless, I was still able to light paint, illuminating the wooden ships with a ProtoMachines LED2 flashlight during the 30 second f/8 ISO 200 exposure with a Nikon D7000/Tokina 11-16mm @ f/8 ISO 200 30 second exposure.

Special thanks to Mats and Marie for taking me to these special places!!!!

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