The Electric Truck – Light Painted Night Photo

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The Electric Truck (4767)
Pearsonville Auto Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert, California. We had these amazing clouds most of the evening, creating fantastic shapes with or without long exposures.

This is a real photo taken at night. Everything was illuminated by a big bright moon, an almost full moon, almost bright enough to read a book. And setting my tripod-mounted camera to a long exposure made the camera much more sensitive to light than our eyes on this already bright evening. This is why this photo seems brighter than what we might see at night. It is not due to post-processing. The moon, which reflects light from the sun, also makes the sky bluer, and when the photo is a long exposure photo, the sky will appear brighter, making the blue more apparent. I used a handheld LED flashlight to illuminate the automobile, and then used it with a homemade snoot to hit the front headlights to make them glow a bit more while the camera shutter was open for a long time. This is not a post-processing creation. No pixels were harmed during the creation of this photo. 😀

I am fascinated with how a single long exposure photo can show movements and the cumulative effects of light in a single image. Thank you for reading this and looking at the image. -Ken

Nikon D610/14-24mm f/2.8, 184 seconds total @ f/8 ISO 200. Oct 2016.

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Photographed with Tim Little, Steve McIntyre, and Troy Paiva.

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