Soledad – Joshua Tree National Park At Night – Milky Way

Soledad (7722)

I thought I’d share a photo from last night, a beautiful desert night. Several of us from Southern California stuffed ourselves with pizza at Pie For The People and then photographed the Milky Way in Joshua Tree National Park, CA until about 4 am. By that time, I was famished again. I went through Casteñeda’s drive-through on the way back. Why am I still so skinny?

I illuminated the lonely, interestingly-shaped Joshua Tree with a hand-held ProtoMachines LED2 flashlight while the shutter was open on my tripod-mounted camera. I used a Pinout remote controller/app to set and trigger the camera. And here, we’re giving the oft-neglected northern part of the Milky Way some love. You totally can share this using the FB share button.
Esta foto es de anoche, una noche hermosa en el desierto. Un grupo de nosotros del sur de California comimos pizza y fotografiamos la Vía Láctea. Iluminé el árbol con una ProtoMachines LED2 linterna mientras el obturador de la cámara estaba abierto.
Nikon D610/Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens @ 15 seconds f/2.4 ISO 5000 on 2017-07-26.
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Long Exposure Night Photo with Light Painting

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