Join me for a special Night Photo Summit event tonight (Monday 31 January)!

Tonight at 8pm ET – I’ll be presenting at Night Photo Summit – Pre-Event talk on how I Got the Shot. Joining me will be Kevin Adams, Susan Magnano, Lance Keimig, and Tim Cooper.  
This event is free for those who have registered for our 2nd Annual Night Photo Summit that kicks off this Friday, February 4th!  For more info

Join us for the Night Photo Summit February 4-6 2022 as well! If you are interested in night photography, you won’t want to miss it!


Head on over to the Ken Lee Photography website to purchase books or look at night photography and long exposure prints and more.  My books are available there and Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Booktopia, Books A Million, IBS, and Aladin. If you enjoy the book, please leave a nice review, thanks!

Ken Lee Photography Facebook Page (poke your head in, say hi, and “like” the page if you would, uh, like)

Behind the Shot video podcast – interview February 2020

Conversation about night photography and my book with Lance Keimig of National Park At Night

A Photographer Captures Haunting Nighttime Images of Abandoned Buildings, Planes, and Cars in the American Southwest – Business Insider by Erin McDowell
A Photographer Explores Southern California’s Desert Ruins – Los Angeles Magazine article by Chris Nichols


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