Storybook Bristlecone Pine: Night Sky Photography and Light Painting

The bristlecone pines are the oldest living things on the planet, living for longer than 4700 years. It’s fantastic to think that when Buddha or Jesus walked the earth, these trees were already ancient.

Furthermore, after the bristlecone pine finally goes on to that great forest in the sky, the tree can still remain standing for another 5000 years. It is conceivable that trees such as this could have been here for as long as 10000 years.

(please click on image to see it properly, thanks!)

One of the best things about being a night photographer is that you can double your shooting time. When the sun goes down, you can keep right on shooting.

There’s this odd, eerie storybook feel about this photo that really appeals to me, looking perhaps like something on a old children’s novel about witches.

Title: Storybook Bristlecone Pine
Info: Nikon D90, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens. 30 second exposure at ISO 1250, f/11
11000 ft/3350 meters in elevation. Light painted with my handy head lamp.

Photography: Ken Lee

Location: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest near Big Pine, California, USA.