Featured Photo – When the Universe Smiles Upon You, Embrace It (Avocado Face)

I hope you weren’t expecting this to be a super serious blog!

Avocado Face

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.  When the universe smiles upon you, wrap your arms around it in a full embrace.  And of course, take a photo.

I was preparing tacos.  I sliced an avocado in half.  It fell apart, completely in half, including the pit, cleaved cleanly in two, looking like a pair of eyes.  Perfect!!!  This was clearly a sign that I must do something.

I looked around my kitchen.  I had a lime for the fish tacos.  Cool.  That’d make a good nose.  And a slightly old banana would make a good mouth. And this nice Fiestaware plate completed the face.  Fantastic! It’d make a good avatar for a blog or a profile photo for Facebook or a forum.

Then, back to the fish tacos…

Equipment:  Nikon D90, 18-200mm VR Nikkor lens