Light Painting at Night in Joshua Tree: Martian Flying Saucer Landing (Because February is Joshua Tree Month Here at Ken Lee Photography!)

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The Guardian of Forever

That’s right. Continuing with February Joshua Tree Month.  Because I can.

This is actually in Yucca Valley, not in Joshua Tree.  But close enough.  No one from the Park is gonna berate me for this.

So how did I create this UFO through “light painting”, you ask?

I used El Wire. Like I mentioned last week, this ain’t Spanish for wire, no it isn’t.  It’s short for electroluminescent wire.  El wire is a copper wire coated in a phosphor, you see, and when you add juice from batteries, voila, it starts to glow!  Cheap, easy, you can get anywhere.  I chose blue El Wire because blue screams “I am extraterrestrial” to me.  And it should to you too. I just simply waved the wire over each of the supports, and also created the glowing globe on the top because I figure flying saucers should have a glowing globe on the top of their dome.

Light Painting:  I used an absurdly bright flashlight, a Dorcy, “light painting” the landscape from probably about 25-30 feet away, from the left side.  I tried to imitate the lovely way the full moon was falling on the rock and tree so it would look very natural. The Dorcy is almost like holding a car headlight in your hand.  Whazaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!  Fun!!  This was a 478-second exposure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Joshua Tree month here at Ken Lee Photography, where we featured photos of this remarkable desert region.  But not just any photos.  Here, we’re crazy about long exposure photos.  And night sky photos.  And “light painting”.  And this entire month, that’s what we delivered, just for you.

You can tell I just love this stuff, can’t you?  😀

Title: Martian Flying Saucer Landing
Info: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens, Feisol tripod. Exposure time 478 seconds at f/10, ISO 200. Light painting with a flashlight and blue electroluminescent wire.
Photographer: Ken Lee
Location: Yucca Valley, California, USA.