Star Trails and Light Painting Workshop-Borrego Springs, California asked me to give a Star Trails and Light Painting Workshop in Borrego Springs, California on April 5th 2014, so I thought I would let you guys know about if you wish to sign up. I believe you have to join The workshop is $100.

Red Rattledragon


3034_kenlee_borregospringsnightsky-scorpiongrasshoppermilkyway startrails-templetreezion3-kenleeblend2-700px startrails-magicrock-kenlee-joshuatree-21min-30sf28iso400-700px

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

– Create star trails
– “Light paint” foreground objects with inexpensive flashlights and other light sources
– Photograph numerous images in succession out in the field and then stack those images using Photoshop and StarStax to create magnificent nighttime images

This workshop is geared toward digital photographers who know how to use the basic functions of their camera.

Borrego Springs, CA has been desginated an International Dark Sky Community by IDA (International Dark-Sky Association), recognizing the exceptional commitment of Borrego Springs to dark sky protection and restoration throughout the community. Additionally, there are over 129 amazing metal sculptures created by artist Ricardo Breceda, which can make outstanding foreground subjects for photographers interested in light painting while photographing the night sky.






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