Prayers for Syria Reaching the Heavens: Long Exposure Night Photo with Light Painting with Star Trails

4899_kenlee_2016-10-15_2204_saltonsea-30sf8iso1000-100-50mintotal-arch-abandonedspa_abandonedspa_archedbuilding_startrails_30sf8iso1000-100-50mintotal-1000pxPlease click on the photo to view it larger and more clearly!  Thanks!

 Prayers for Syria Reaching the Heavens (4899): 
Arch from an abandoned mineral spa. The ruins made us feel like we were in a building that was bombed in Aleppo in Syria.

Night photo with star trails showing the movement of the stars for 50 minutes, caused by the rotation of the earth. Illuminated by a ProtoMachines LED2 flashlight and a full moon. This is not a post-processing creation. No pixels were harmed during the creation of this photo. 😀
Un arco de un balneario mineral abandonado. Las ruinas nos hizo sentir como si estuviéramos en un edificio que fue bombardeado en Alepo en Siria.

Foto tomada en la noche. Esteles de estrellas son causadas por la rotación de la tierra durante la larga exposición por 50 minutos. Iluminado por una linterna LED 2 ProtoMachines y una luna llena. No es una creación de post-procesamiento. No hay píxeles fueron perjudicados en la creación de esta foto. 😀

Ken Lee Photography
Nikon D610/14-24mm f/2.8, 50 minutos total, cada/each 30s f/8 ISO 200 Oct 2016

Salton Sea, CA, U.S.A./EE.UU.

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Long Exposure Night Photo with Light Painting

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